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Getting Older

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This morning, I found my first grey hair. Actually, it was not just one. More like eleven. That got me thinking…

I am now almost 27, which means I will be 30 in less than 4 years. And I am still waiting for the day that I start to feel like an adult. Yes, I have a job and my own place, but I don’t feel “mature”, I just like being silly too much. And as Bridget Fonda said in Singles:

I think time is running out to do something bizarre.Somewhere around 25, “bizarre” becomes “immature.”

That does not mean that I am irresponsible, but when I was a kid, it always seemed that at some nebulous point in the future, poof, you’re an adult.

But, so far, no poofing. But I am not really complaining, I like being not totally mature.

And to celebrate my first grey hair, the plan of the evening is the Season 2 DVDs of “Sex and the City”, a slice of young Gouda, and a glass of 2000 Rioja.