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Service? I Don't Think So

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I was at Saturn, a big eletronics shop, today, to look for a replacement mouse, since my IntelliMouse Explorer died on monday. While I was there, I took a look at the TVs, since I am thinking about getting a new TV set, a 16:9 for watching DVDs, since that is the main usage my TV sees these days.

Looking at the array of TVs arranged on the walls, I noticed, that the picture on the 16:9 ones looked very distorted, so everyone had oval heads. Not a pretty sight, and if I drop down that much money on a TV, it damn well better look good with old movies, too.

Then a friendly sales droid appeared, asking if I had any questions. I was about to shrug him off, and tell him I was just browsing. But then, I thought Seize the moment, ask an expert.

And I did just that.

When I asked him, if I could change the TV so that it would not distort the picture, his answer was Why would you want to do that?

Well, duh, because I would like people to have their normal proportions.

No, I did not say that out loud. He kept on telling me, that the future is 16:9, that you never want to go back after it, and that basically, the german TV stations are to blame for still broadcasting mostly in 4:3.

After much hot air had escaped the sales droid, I was actually able to squeeze some tiny bit of information out of him. Yes, you can make the TV show 4:3 without distortion, you just get some black borders on each side. That was all that I wanted to know.

Here’s a message to all you sales droids out there: Don’t assume I’m a moron, just because I have a question.I’m much more inclined to buy something, if you don’t try to sell me something with all your might.