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A Plague on Both Your Houses

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People wonder why there isn’t peace in the middle east when they can’t even get their own act together…

This morning, I got into the bus at Hagen Central Station, when a guy approached the bus driver. He had a bun or something in his hand and had just bitten off a piece. Also, he did not seem to be a native German, which seems to be a factor in this tale.

He asked the driver, which bus was going to a certain station. The driver answered “Empty your mouth before asking, I don’t understand you.” To which the chewer replied “I want to know which bus goes to soandso”, still chewing.

Then the bus driver started to tell the Chewer that it was rude to talk with your mouth full, and the chewer started getting irate, since he “just wanted to know what bus to take” and “How dare you talk to me like that”.

Then the bus driver said “And I have to drive now, please leave”, which the chewer did, but not without mumbling some abuses at the bus driver when he was out the door.

You know what? Chill the fuck out!.

The bus driver is a bus driver, and not Miss Manners, even I was able to understand what the guy was asking, and I was sitting a few rows back. And to the Chewer, man, don’t get your panties in a bunch, swallow and ask again.

But no, you both have to keep on pouring oil on the fire…