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A Very Brief Review of RedHat 8.0

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I installed the new RedHat version 8.0 (codename Psyche) on my laptop today. The install is the smoothest I have seen so far, really slick.

But much more important than the install is the actual product. The default X11 desktop looks really great, mostly Gnome2 with OpenOffice and Mozilla. The icons look friendly and the menus are trimmed down to only show one app for each category.

That said, I didn’t like it.

First, I don’t really like Gnome2, maybe because of the AA fonts, which to me just look washed out.

And second, it’s now a very newbie-friendly desktop, and I would install it ony mother’s PC in a flash, but to me, it’s too friendly. I like my arcane setup with loads of Xterms all over the place.

I also noticed that gnome-terminal still fucks up screen sessions, that’s why I am now using rxvt on my desktop.

I know, I can configure all that, but frankly, instead of de-n00bieing 8.0, I’ll stick with my trusted 7.3 setup.