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Minority Report

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I went to see Minority Report with Birgit yesterday. To avoid spoilers, I won’t post it on the front page.

Wow. That was my first thought about this movie. First, it looked amazing. The cars, the abundance of advertisements, and, most of all, the technology. When Cruise is working on the huge screen, shuffling around images, it looks like a conjurer working his magic. Second, the plot. I was really into it, suspending my disbelief for the 145 minutes this film was running. The world absorbed me, because it was futuristic, but still a lot like the present, so you could easily relate to it. The shock effects all worked, there were a few times that I almost jumped out of my seat, and I wasn’t the only one. But the movie also has some very humorous scenes, for example there’s one scene where Cruise is desperately running after a pair of eyeballs he just dropped.

I think, this movie is definitely an Oscar candidate, it was very entertaining, and I would even go so far and say it was thought provoking, with the theme of fate and predetermination.