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So I Take a Little Bad With the Good

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Woke up with a sore throat. I can feel the cold slowly taking over my body, and of course, this happens in the week where I have 2 things I am looking forward to. On Thursday, Birgit and me will go and see “XXX”, that’s going to be an entertaining evening, judging from all the reviews I’ve read about “XXX”. And on Saturday, we’ll spend most of the day in Essen, at the Essen Game Fair, which is the biggest european gaming event. But it’s not just a con, they’ve got all kinds of games, for the whole family. The best thing about it is, that a lot of US companies will be there, selling their games for really great prices. I’m hoping that Z-Man games, makers of Shadowfist will be there with some of the older expansions. Or even better, with the new basic set “10.000 Bullets”. But there’s also good news. I finally found the “Thunder Road” version of “Rain King” by the Counting Crows. It’s not the one from 2000 in Cologne, but it’s still a great cover.