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He Got Game

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SPIEL 2002 today was a blast. My feet hurt, I am tired, and I spent much more money than I should have. So it was a full success :-) I finally got to meet Brian VanCamp, after having done some trades and display purchases through him. And he proceeded to kick my ass, once while demoing Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom, and once in a 3 player Shadowfist match. And I got my ass kicked again in another 3 player match. But I got some good deck building tips, so maybe I’ll be able to finally bring my “You screw me, I screw you more” Jammer deck up to speed. I also heard that the guy doing all those Battleground Ruhrgebiet tourneys in Dortmund wants to do a german shadowfist portal, so I think I should get in touch with him, that sounds like a neat project, maybe they could use some help.