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Case Closed

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Lately, I had trouble burning audio CDs. What was curious about it was, that I had the same problems at home and at work, and I didn’t have them a while ago, on neither computer. After some sleuthing, I found the solution, and here it is, in case anyone has the same problem: At work, I used to have an Adaptec SCSI card, that got put into out backup server, and as a replacement I put in a DawiControl 2974 card. And at home, I used to have an Adaptec, too, which got exchanged for a Tekram DC390 card. And both the DawiControl and the Tekram card use the same driver (tmscsim). When I switched to an older driver for the card, the burning worked like a charm. So, if you have a CD burner (in my case a HP 9200), and a SCSI card using the tmscsim driver, expect cdrdao to abort after 3 Megabytes with an error. Short term solution: Use the (old and unmaintained) AM53C974 driver, or get another SCSI card.