Did I say that?


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It looks like the same thing that happened to icicle is happening to blogical. Both were coded mostly in a coding frenzy, until they got to a stage that they did what they were supposed to do, with minimal error checking and no documentation. Then a few bugfixes, and suddenly, the interest in the program stops, and it just sits there, in a questionable state. I hope that switching blogical development over to glade will speed things up a little, because, frankly, doing Perl/GTK+ development by hand is rather tedious. But it had to be done once, to get a feel for things. And I found out, that I don’t really miss a graphical bloggin client. Since I do most of my productive work in xterms anyway, what I really need is a curses based tool. So I downloaded the Curses::Application module from CPAN and will play around with that.