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Kids These Days

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While on the train, homeward bound, I once again had the pleasure to experience todays kids… I know, that kids like to speak what’s on their mind. I did it, too, when I was little. But what I didn’t do, was repeat it incessantly. Saying once, or maybe twice, when no one took notice, was enough. But this kid sounded like a broken record:

“Look, someone peed there. Look, someone peed there. Look, someoneone peed there. Look someone peed there.”

And he didn’t even do this because no one was paying attention. And that wasn’t the only time he did it. Almost every sentence uttered came out in this form.

Had this been the only time that I had seen this behaviour, I would not be writing this rant. But unfortunately, this behaviour has been more and more common. So I am starting to wonder: What is fucking these kids up? Is it the media, which keeps bombarding them with ever-repeating messages, so they think that this is the best form of communication? Or is it that parents don’t really notice them anymore, unless they start to get really annoying? Is it fluoride in the water?