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Blogging via Mail, Securely

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Since I couldn’t find a decent (for me) desktop blogging client for Movable Type for Linux, I have decided to make it possible to blog from my favourite application: mutt To add some security to the script, it only posts entries that have a good GnuPG signature, and even then only if the fingerprint of the key used to sign is allowed to post. And signing emails with gpg is a snap with mutt. By adding custom headers to the mail, you can even set the category of the entry and ping TrackBack URLs. The script takes the value of the X-MT-Category header, and if that matches the name of an existing category, this is set as the primary category for that entry. Unfortunately, this category doesn’t show up on the main index after the script rebuilds the entry, even though it does show up in the admin section and after a manual rebuild. Maybe someone with a better understanding of the MT Perl API can shed some light on this…Kevin Shay found the reason for this, it had to do with MT doing some caching. Disabling this caching for the rebuild removes this problem And pinging TrackBack URLs happens via the X-MT-Ping header. This header can appear multiple times, and each URL gets pinged. It’s still the first version of the script, so it’s still a little rough. I have been running it under qmail and vpopmail, and to get the script to rebuild the entry, I had to make blog directory writable to the vpopmail group. It works, but if someone has a more elegant approach to this, I am all ears. This script uses a few CPAN modules:

  • GnuPG

  • MIME::Parser

  • Mail::Header

  • MIME::QuotedPrint

And here’s the code: Use at your own risk, if it eats your server, sets your house on fire or lets your hair fall out, I will say “I told you so” :-)