Did I say that?

It Doesn't Work!

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I think, every computer user, or at least, every one that will ever come into contact with admins, tech support, or just people with a clue, should have to take a madatory course: “Error Reporting 101” And some might even need “Understanding And Answering Easy Questions 105” and “Following The Fuckin Instructions 109”.

Maybe they just confuse me with a clairvoyant, but my crystal ball is broken. So I need a bit more info than “It doesn’t work” and “It still doesn’t work”. And if I ask “What did you do?” and “Was there an error?”, that’s not too much to ask, is it? I mean, you were there. You experienced it first hand.

Oh, and for some people “Reading The Clock 110” might be useful, too. Because, if you were told, that I am in the office between 6:30 am and 3pm, don’t send an email at 3:55pm, asking if I might be able to fix it today. I am good, but time travel is still out of my league.

OK, now it’s back to squeezing some meaning out of this gibberish that is bug reports. TGIF