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48 Hours

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So, Dubya gives Saddam the choice to either leave the country in 48 hours, or he’ll bring the war to him. Come on, why didn’t he just declare war instead of this stupid ultimatum. Not that I am for a war, but this is getting more and more bizarre. Like Saddam would now say “OK, you’re right, let me just get my toothbrush, and I’ll be on my way. Ta-da.” First, Bush wants Iraq to be inspected by the UN. Now there are weapons inspectors there. Then the disarmament is going to slow. And now, he wants Saddam to even leave the country. Why the fuck this whole charade in the first place? What’s next? Maybe the next thing will be that he wants Saddam to bring him shrubbery. And when he brings him shrubbery, he will have to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… with… a herring!