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More Geek Toys by Way of Ebay

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Today, I finally managed to get an item from Ebay that I have been coveting for many moons: an NCD MCX Xterminal Since this is a used model, it comes without software, but a short email to NCD quickly got me a very positive response. Since a lot of people are now getting those things second hand, and the necessary software has been discontinuedm they have put up that version for free downloads, but with no support. But they still have a knowledge base up, and there’s a mini HowTo for getting the NCDs to run with Linux. A big shout goes out to NCD for not putting that old software out there so it can still be useful.

I know that I don’t really need one, but, damn, I want one, just for playing around with XDMCP, thin clients, and for general geek points :-)