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Slightly Sorted Content for an Unsorted Mind

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While cleaning up my workspace, I came across a gazillion pieces of paper, with all kinds of notes written on them. Those notes ranged from fairly obvious (phone numbers, CD titles) to the utterly arcane. And sorting them into any kind of structure seemed a rather daunting task, which I was naot ready to face on such a bright sunday. So, I turned to technology, and decided to install a personal Wiki on my gateway server. The Wikis I have seen on the internet so far seemed pretty good, so I though, this kind of information organization should be perfect for a cluttered brain like mine. No more cryptic notes on my desktop. Instead, I will have cryptic nodes on the Wiki. But at least, my workspace will look more organized. :-)

And who knows, if I get really crazy about it, I might even hack TrackBack into it.