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No-Frills Aggregation?

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I have looked at quite a few RSS aggregators and most of them have more features than you can shake a stick at. At the moment I am using Amphetadesk, but I am looking for something really simple, that just

  • runs on a server, so I can read my feeds from anywhere

  • keeps a list of all the feeds I read

  • checks the feeds regularly, while being net-friendly (conditional GET, etc.)

  • shows me a list of all the recent entries that I haven’t seen before. Just a link and a title

Because even though I use an aggregator, I still visit every article and just use Amphetadesk as a glorified bookmark manager.

Does such a beast already exist?


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This is what I have been hacking on lately: waxpoetyk.png A new client for MovableType, written in Python using the wxPython library (which explains the atrocious spelling of the name). It’s far from finished, but it can already post to a blog. But before I publish it, I want to get the preview functionality going and give it all the functionality of the “Post to MT Weblog” bookmarklet (allowing comments, allowing trackbacks, text formatting).

So Much for Trepia

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So I read about Trepia today, and it sounded pretty interesting. So I actually booted my dusty Windows partition, downloaded the installer, installed the thing and tried to register. That is where I hit a major road block. The stupid thing just stalls, showing a frozen progress bar and the words “Registering”. But maybe I can still find people in my neighborhood this way, by listening for screams of frustration… :-)

Life Is a Lemon

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_ It’s all or nothing,

and nothing’s all I ever get

Everytime I turn it on,

I burn it up and burn it out

It’s always something,

there’s always something going wrong

That’s the only guarantee,

that’s what this is all about

It’s a never ending attack,

everything’s a lie and that’s a fact

Life is a lemon

and I want my money back


Meat Loaf - Life is a lemon and I want my money back

Just a Thought

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Commuting to work this morning, I realized something while watching the bustling outside:

Crazy is the new sane

I mean, it feels like almost everyone out there has gone apeshit, and no one really cares.

Still Alive

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Yes, I am still alive. I was just struck with a nasty cold, which sucked all blogging energy out of me. And now I once again have an empty frontpage. Major Suckage :-)

Random Thoughts

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You know, one of these days I’m going to annihilate this whole fucking planet…

Yikes, Almost-empty Blog

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How am I ever gonna make it big on Blogshares if this blog keeps shriveling up to one measly entry on the front page?

Dammit, I need action, adventure, excitement. With lots of photo opportunities, if possible.

Maybe I should become a pirate. Blogging the Seven Seas, taking from the rich and converting it all to rum, or something like that…

This rant…needs more coffee!