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Updated Mail2blog

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I’ve just added the fix for RFC3156 conformance to the mail2blog script, that Reverend Jim proposed to make it work with Evolution and Exim.

Since I have some free time, I think I’ll look into adding image handling capabilities to the script, that sounds like a neat idea.

Slightly Sorted Content for an Unsorted Mind

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While cleaning up my workspace, I came across a gazillion pieces of paper, with all kinds of notes written on them. Those notes ranged from fairly obvious (phone numbers, CD titles) to the utterly arcane. And sorting them into any kind of structure seemed a rather daunting task, which I was naot ready to face on such a bright sunday. So, I turned to technology, and decided to install a personal Wiki on my gateway server. The Wikis I have seen on the internet so far seemed pretty good, so I though, this kind of information organization should be perfect for a cluttered brain like mine. No more cryptic notes on my desktop. Instead, I will have cryptic nodes on the Wiki. But at least, my workspace will look more organized. :-)

And who knows, if I get really crazy about it, I might even hack TrackBack into it.

Trust Issues

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Today, I decided to reinstall our intranet file server. For several reasons:

  • It’s still running RedHat 7.2

  • I fiddled around with LDAP for UNIX and SMB auth. Didn’t quite work

  • After a power outage yesterday, I cannot NFS-mount one directory on the server. All others are okay, just this one directory refuses to work. It did work previous to the outage.

So, I tell my cow-orker, and he asks “What are you gonna put on the box?” Well, that’s an easy answer: “RedHat 7.3” Him: “Why don’t you use 8 or even 9?”

To be honest, it’s a gut feeling. Starting with 8, RedHat has become too colorful and eyecandyish to be on a server, for my taste. I use 8 as my desktop machine, because I love the antialiased fonts in Mozilla, but when it comes to critical servers, I prefer to stay a little behind the tech curve. When Redhat 7 came out, I still put 6.2 on a lot of machines, because by that time, a lot of the kinks had been ironed out of 6.2, and, honestly, 7.0 was not the best release…

So my answer was “Because I don’t trust Redhat newer than 7.3 on critical servers”. And because I am a stubborn old fart!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Winter

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This morning, my windshield was frozen over with a thick crust of ice. That’s not something I want to experience in April. I mean, there’s always talk about global warming, and now it’s the beginning of spring, I’m freezing my ass off, and my car looks like it comes fresh out of the icebox.

I mean, spring. Soft breezes, short skirts, flowers blooming, short skirts, birds chirping. Did I mention short skirts? How is that gonna work, if it keeps snowing? Feh!

Quote of the Day

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“Wow, Java sure is OOP all over. Everything’s an object!”

–An anonymous coworker, who has only used C++ so far, and is now starting to learn Java

My guess is, he has never really used OOP, just “C with some objecty stuff”. I wonder what will happen, when he gets to the part about writing GUI stuff in Java…

Driving Up the Price

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OK, now I have also laid claim to this blog, but it seems that it is still a long way until the IPO. I should have started blogshares way back when I got linked by SixLog, David Raynes and Ben Hammersley. Ah, the good old days, when I wasn’t yet motivated by greed… :-)

More Geek Toys by Way of Ebay

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Today, I finally managed to get an item from Ebay that I have been coveting for many moons: an NCD MCX Xterminal Since this is a used model, it comes without software, but a short email to NCD quickly got me a very positive response. Since a lot of people are now getting those things second hand, and the necessary software has been discontinuedm they have put up that version for free downloads, but with no support. But they still have a knowledge base up, and there’s a mini HowTo for getting the NCDs to run with Linux. A big shout goes out to NCD for not putting that old software out there so it can still be useful.

I know that I don’t really need one, but, damn, I want one, just for playing around with XDMCP, thin clients, and for general geek points :-)